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Back of Beyond Farm is a small, family run operation in Rist Canyon, Colorado. We work closely with natural rhythms to create wellness teas from indigenous and naturalized plants. 2013 marks our 4th year of supporting our community through tasty teas. In the year ahead, we hope to continue our work of not only producing healthful teas, but also exploring the edges of what it means to farm and be a part of a place.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Making Meat

The first time I went hunting I was probably 4 or 5, right on the edge of memory. I remember the Twinkies I got to eat. When I was 10, we knocked off working one Saturday afternoon and drove to the Sterling Dam to jump ducks for my first "real" hunt. My dad let me shoot his gun and I ended up on my backside. I grew up with goose down floating out of our garage in town and into the streets as my dad and uncles plucked geese. We had bison and deer hanging in our barn when we moved to the country. I worked cold hands alongside my dad making meat out of the animals he brought home to feed us. And so I still do the same.

I am off somewhere between home and Wyoming right now - pursuing meat, chasing life. Asking the gift of loin and liver, burger and roast. I subscribe to the belief that the animal gives itself to the hunter when it's done right. I am to poor of a hunter, to lousy of a shot for it to be otherwise. It's not to say that some folks don't just go take life, even when it's not offered, but I have had experiences I can't otherwise explain but that the animal knew and chose.  One elk makes most of a year's meat for us - and meat that is created from the same herbs we grow and tend. In Lakota, Monarda is sometimes referred to as Hehaka Pejuta - elk medicine. It's a round, a sacred round of energy shared and passed and used and passed again. The energy of the Sun, the gift of the Earth, the holy work of immersing oneself into life and death and that mystery. I am thankful for the teachers - uncles, friends, my Dad foremost, who taught me this - though subtly and without words.

Making meat - meat making me - me tending herbs that tend the maker of the meat.

Kabe and Grandpa Making Meat