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Back of Beyond Farm is a small, family run operation in Rist Canyon, Colorado. We work closely with natural rhythms to create wellness teas from indigenous and naturalized plants. 2013 marks our 4th year of supporting our community through tasty teas. In the year ahead, we hope to continue our work of not only producing healthful teas, but also exploring the edges of what it means to farm and be a part of a place.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Farming to Hunt

Personal opinion here (as most of those posted are!) It is my strong belief that everyone who hunts should grow a garden. The act of harvesting animal or vegetable - flora or fauna - are intertwined. All life begins with soil and sun. Reverence can come from the act of tending and harvesting. To harvest without having sown is a danger. It changes our perceptions and allows us to miss out on understanding the full-cycle. We might know it, but we might not practice it. And practice is important, to me.

So as summer wears on, thoughts turn, in this farmer's mind, towards the Fall and hunting. I find myself thinking about elk and pheasant and deer and duck as I tend plants, touch the Good Earth and prepare for the dark seasons ahead. Not to get ahead of the seasons here, but to know that the Winter winds are present, even in the Summer Sun.